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We advance partners’ engagements to build relationships, and engage to achieve sector objectives. We analyze our stakeholders needs, and communication preferences as our strategic approach to deliver our mandate. 

WaSHVoice adopts a strategic approach to deliver holistic communication solutions to gain market confidence. 

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene service delivery is fluid and things happen that are not predicted. To support organizations in adoption, we engage to support organization’s in driving change, adopt resilient systems, and in dialogue meetings.

We support program communication, social mobilization and advocacy, information dissemination and sharing, and policy discussions.

Our services are highly regarded and include lining up right actors, preparing correct and reliable information, which is delivered effectively and on-time.

Our communication activities

  • Organize discussions on policies
  • Lobbying with partners
  • Workshops for WaSH practitioners
  • Production of magazines and other documents
  • Information-dissemination activities including magazines, newsletters, presentations (Seminars, webinars, conferences, impact and evaluation reports, Awareness and advocacy programs, etc.

In pursuit of universal and just service delivery for WaSH services, WaSHVoice aims to improve the knowledge and skills for users, practitioners, and stakeholders in the society.

We embrace an interactive and collaborative strategy to strengthen sectoral, inter-sectoral and regional skills and abilities in WaSH. Our key partners include users, practitioners, government (Ministries, departments, and agencies), academia, private sector, non-state actors, international agencies etc. 

Capacity building activities: This includes individual and organizational capacity building

  • Training
  • Mentorship
  • Facilitating peer to peer skill development and exchange programs
  • Innovation awards
  • Partnerships for technical assistance

We provide services in;

  • Program impact analysis in WaSH
  • Monitoring and evaluation plans 
  • Strengthening interventions for impact, transparency and accountability
  • Market Assessment and social impact analysis

We engage our clients’ in 

  • Risk Mapping
  • Risk management plans
  • Risk register and mitigation plans
  • Risk response plans

Our research is geared towards generating evidence to support Water, Sanitation and Hygiene management, interventions and governance. 

This includes;

  • Applied research
  • Impact analysis
  • Capacity Development 
  • Monitoring and evaluation
  • Governance and policy
  • Technical support

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