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Our Projects

Project: Information and Knowledge sharing.

  • Seven Webinars planned  (one done topic) – Attended by 30 participants across the globe.
  • Next planned for August 2022
  • Planned sanitation symposium in February 2023: Theme Sanitation Accountability

2022: Ongoing

Creating us of onsite Sanitation for universal coverage

2018 World Water Day

Theme: Nature for Water

Project Area: Nairobi

City County: Creating water preservation awareness for up-market households through:

  • Stickers and poster
  • Engagement with shoppers in Yaya Center shopping mall (One of the biggest malls in Nairobi
  • Bulk  messages to stakeholders

Project Partners:

  • Nairobi County Government (Environment and Human Resources Department),
  • Boredo supplies services (Engineered Waste Management),
  • Kibera Women empowerment group, Unilever

2018 Earth Day

Theme: End Plastic Pollution

Project Area: Kibera informal settlement.

Worked with Women to create awareness on disposal of solid waste and especially “flying toilet”

  • Banners and fliers on need for safe disposal
  • Walk and talk. Visited the areas with un-safe disposal and talked to the community.
  • Sharing: Speeches from the residents to the partners.

Project Partners:

  • Nairobi City Water and Sewerage Company,
  • Kenya Water and Sanitation Network (KEWASNET),
  • Yaya Center Management

2018 World Environment Day

Theme: Beat Plastic Pollution

Project area: Muranga Town – Cleaning the Murari river

  • Removing the plastics along the river banks
  • Planting trees
  • Creating awareness using a musical band around the town
  • Engaging primary school children to understand the dangers of plastics

  • Project Partners:
  • Muranga County Government, Nema (Murang’a),
  • Kenya Forest Office (Muranga), 
  • Murang’a Water Company,
  • Kenya Prisons,
  • Equity Bank, 
  • Green Planet tree nurseries,
  • Bustani landscapes,
  • Caritas (Muranga), and
  • Mountain fresh dairies.

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To Accelerate the transition to sustainable WaSH services that uphold justice in service delivery through diverse and enriching programs that promote integrity and human rights in service delivery for current and future needs.